Los Angeles
Business Development


I currently work with two clients who take up about 50% of my time.  I am open to working with one or two additional clients for the other half of my time in any of the following roles:

Advisor - figuring out good things to do next and guiding your team to do them.
Accelerant - actually climbing into the cockpit with you to help navigate the course.
Ambassador - telling the world about your value and making connections on your behalf.

Hard work, honest communications, simple affordable fee structure:
$5,000 per month on a 3 month minimum retainer, plus expenses.
You get 5 full business days of my time each month used as needed.
Up to 2 hours of free assessment time, then we're on the clock.
More extensive involvement considered in exchange for a small equity position.
In some opportunities, investment may be possible and/or assistance with funding.

Linked In:   Fred Schmidt
Twitter:       @WildBorys

Austin Office:

Capital Factory
Austin Centre
701 Brazos St, #1616
Austin, Texas  USA

London Office:
The Trampery
13-19 Bevenden Street
Shoreditch, Hackney
London  UK
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